A First: Covering Florida State – Wake Forest Basketball Game

So, as you know, if there are actually any of you.  I know I’m most likely writing to myself and minimal viewers, but oh well.  Anyways, I posted last week saying that I had received an Internship with FSU Sports Information.

It’s been pretty cool so far, yesterday I conducted my first interviews and wrote my first story (a preview of tonight’s match up).  Tonight I’ll be sitting down low, with the important people at center court. It’s weird, to be honest, to actually be here.  I’ve always dreamed about it, which means I’m definitely nervous. Not going to lie about that.

I don’t even know what I’m going to do while at the game, I’m assuming I’ll get the chance to conduct more interviews or something like that.  What I do know is I will be writing a column after the game, so I’m excited about that.

Ok, enough. I know you probably don’t care anyways, but I will post again to describe the experience.



Heat vs. Knicks: LeBron James Struggles in New York, Dwyane Wade’s Shades Banned

Last night the Miami Heat fell to the New York Knicks by a score of 93-88. LeBron James, who played the power forward spot in the absence of Chris Bosh, struggled mightily, going 7-of-24 from the field.

Dwyane Wade, who was wearing red-tinted goggles due to recent migraine issues, was hot for three quarters but nonexistent in the final quarter of play. Wade was 0-of-7 from the field in the fourth quarter.

The loss was Miami‘s fifth in its last six games.

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Miami Heat: 10 Things They Need To Do To Beat the Boston Celtics

Miami Heat fans have heard it all year long – the Heat have to go through the Boston Celtics amongst other teams like the Chicago Bulls and the Orlando Magic before they can even think about the finals.

As it stands right now, the two teams appear to be on course for a head on collision in the eastern conference playoffs as both teams remain atop the standings in the conference. Boston also holds the advantage in the season series so far, winning both games earlier in the fall.

However, the Miami Heat have come a long way since they last took on the Celtics. They have found their identity, they are playing like a team, and their defense is scary good. Celtics fans know the Heat can now be considered a viable threat when it comes to playoff time, but at the same time Heat fans know there are a lot of things their team needs to take care of in order to conquer the older, more experienced big three in Boston.

What are those things that need to be taken care of? Here’s the top 10.

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A Not So Shameful Truth

You might view me as a poor citizen of the great nation of the United States, oh well.


Well, I watched the State of the Union Address tonight.

And turned it off after two minutes.

Yea, yea, I know you think it’s important to know the stuff going on in our country. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s that there’s better things to do at the moment, like write in this blog as I’m doing now, or watch college basketball, which I’m also doing now.

I can always read a basic summary of the address later tonight, tomorrow, or as a matter of fact whenever I want. So what’s so bad about that?

I don’t see any issues…judge me if you want…that’s just my stance.

Seeya later.

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