Busy, Busy…and you guessed it, Busy

Deep breaths.

Am I really this busy? I mean, I don’t even have a real job.

Yea, I’m a full time student at Florida State and yes, I currently am writing for an internship with Seminoles.com, but where does the time go? Does time always go this fast the older you get?

I hope not, because I feel like by  the time I’m 55 I’ll be afraid to blink in fear of missing an entire week.  If I even make it to 55, because nothing in life is guaranteed, am I right?  Not even tomorrow.

We need to find time to relax.  Time to spend in quiet, just thinking about everything good going on. (This is so random right now, I excuse me).  We need to just take a step back, open our eyes, and look at the big perspective.

I’m blessed, this writing is my therapy.  I have an awesome girlfriend, amazing parents despite their divorce, and a great brother despite his obvious flaws which tend to get on my nerves…a lot.

My basic point?  If I’m able to write this, and if you’re able to read this (if there are any of you), be thankful, because it means we are ALIVE.