Miami Heat: 10 Things They Need To Do To Beat the Boston Celtics

Miami Heat fans have heard it all year long – the Heat have to go through the Boston Celtics amongst other teams like the Chicago Bulls and the Orlando Magic before they can even think about the finals.

As it stands right now, the two teams appear to be on course for a head on collision in the eastern conference playoffs as both teams remain atop the standings in the conference. Boston also holds the advantage in the season series so far, winning both games earlier in the fall.

However, the Miami Heat have come a long way since they last took on the Celtics. They have found their identity, they are playing like a team, and their defense is scary good. Celtics fans know the Heat can now be considered a viable threat when it comes to playoff time, but at the same time Heat fans know there are a lot of things their team needs to take care of in order to conquer the older, more experienced big three in Boston.

What are those things that need to be taken care of? Here’s the top 10.

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